We have created Membership to power our mission of creating an exceptional and diverse community of film and TV production professionals.

Why Membership?

Membership allows us to deliver premium content and other benefits exclusively to the people who support us. Members get: 1 Free Q&A event seat (additional seats can be purchased); anytime access to a growing library of past Q&A Event Full-Videos; access to Q&A Event Presenters; and more Members only features to come.

Membership transforms your monthly or annual support into predictable revenue that helps us attract the best presenters, produce high quality content, and grow to better fulfill your changing production educational needs.

How Membership Works

It’s easy. Become a Member, then register for the current Q&A event, view past Q&A Event Full-Videos, and access other Members only features as they become available.

There are two Membership plans available: Monthly and Annual. Monthly Membership costs just $4.99 per month if you register early. $9.99 per month otherwise. Annual Membership costs just $99.99 per year (you get two months free). You Membership is  automatically renewed each month or year, so just set it and forget it. And you can Pause your Membership or Cancel at anytime.

Group Membership?

Membership allows us to now offer school students and group and organization members regular and custom Production Q&A events. We can create custom membership levels with unique pricing and content access permissions. And everything can be self-managed. Contact us to learn more about Group Memberships.

You Are Our Community

Every Production Q&A Member is a member of our Community of exceptional and diverse film and TV production professionals. We thank you and appreciate you!

Keep Moving!

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