First, on behalf of Christian, myself and the Production Q&A team let me say thank you for your support!

Christian and I started Production Q&A with a clear and simple mission: to build a diverse and exceptional community of film and TV production professionals. We feel one way to fulfill that mission is to connect experienced professionals to production students, professionals, and anyone interested via live Q&A events. We created Production Q&A to do that. Production Q&A produces online film production educational Q&A events that serve as a forum where attendees can get answers to their questions live. Presenters  also share wisdom and insights acquired from years of experience.

Why do we charge a fee?

This is an important question. And Christian and I have spent time carefully considering it. The short answer is we charge a fee so we can consistently produces quality events. We have costs for website hosting and maintenance, email and social media marketing, event administration, video hosting and post production. We looked at several options for covering those costs.

First, we agree that the baseline goal of our fiscal approach is to build a base of financial resources that not only covers our costs, but also accumulates enough resources so we can be proactive in developing new features and services to best serve the needs of our community. We defined three core fiscal requirements to meet this baseline goal: 1) Value; 2) Accessibility; and 3) Flexibility.


We want anyone who pays a fee to Production Q&A to feel it was definitely worth it. We plan to achieve this by focusing on producing quality events with exceptional Presenters, and building a strong and diverse community of people who consistently benefit from the content we provide.


We have an international audience. Our community members come from Accra, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Lagos, Los Angeles, New York, and The Caribbean. Diversity isn’t a buzzword to us. Diversity is one of our core values. We realize that any price we charge must be carefully considered, and be affordable to our community members no matter where they are.


We must be able to accept capital from any source that we feel is aligned with our mission and values. This includes sponsorships, partnerships, investments, and donations.

Our Solution: Production Q&A Membership

After much consideration we have decided on a Membership model and a price of $9.99 per month. Membership allows us to grant registered members exclusive access to site content including event registration (at no additional charge), past event videos, interviews, blogs, etc. Membership also gives members control as they can cancel anytime. And, Membership provides a recurring stream of revenue that helps make us financially viable and sustainable. The $9.99 price point is affordable globally. As we grow we expect that price will cover our costs and give us the resources we need to serve our community.

We hope this explains our decision to charge a fee to your satisfaction. Contact us with questions or feedback. And please help us build our community by following us on social media and by telling a friend. Again, thanks for your support. We are happy and proud to do this with you.

Keep Moving!

Edward Phelps

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