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Full Video Notes

  • Diversity on Set. (00:17:16)
  • We all make mistakes. (04:05:16)
  • What you do as a DP is predicated upon who you are… (05:09:25)
  • Shoot as much as you can. (05:29:01)
  • “What should I prioritize in terms of working?” (04:49:20)
  • Keep your overhead low. (06:34:17)
  • “What’s the process for breaking down a script for shot listing or storyboarding?” (08:12:28)
  • Lady Bird Shot List Excerpts (08:44:21)
  • The Business (18:33:18)
  • “What do I prioritize when starting out?” (20:14:11)
    Top 3 Tips (26:32:10)
  • “How do you work with Production Designers?” (36:05:29)
  • “Do you lead the Production Designer, or does the Production Designer lead you?” (40:22:03)
  • “How do you decide whether to go hand-held or tripod?” (42:03:23)
  • “What techniques or approaches do you use in scenes with no actors?” (43:21:27)
  • “A Director is not happy with your ideas. How do you handle that?” (46:47:17)
  • Poll: How do you rate this event? (50:57:28)
  • “How do you light dark skin?” (51:57:07)
  • “Do you need to White Balance every time the light changes?” (57:01:02)
  • Poll: What topics do you want for future Production Q&A events? (1:01:27:18)
  • Sam’s contact information (1:02:39:17)

Thanks to Sam Levy for making Production Q&As innaugural event special.

Sam held an informative and well received Q&A that was packed with answers to your questions, wisdom gained from his experience, and candid insights that he shared.

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